Wednesday, January 02, 2008

National Treasure Tops Box Office For A Second Straight Week, Satan says: "Told You So!"

For the second week in a row, the Nicolas Cage actioner National Treasure: Book of Secrets topped the box office with a whopping take of $35.6M giving it a twelve day total of $124M. When asked for comment the Lord of Darkness as friends are prone to call him leaned back, sighed and uttered "Yeah...all me!" Also of note, the Alvin and the Chipmunks juggernaut continued to chug along with a $30M weekend and a $145M total in receipts. "I wish I could take credit for that one but...nah just kidding, that's me too! I'm starting the year out right! Come on dawg, POUND IT!" said the lovable fallen angel as he motioned for a fist dap.

In a recent interview with HMJ Nicolas Cage stated "In 26 years in the BUSINESS I finally figured out that while the viewing public loves a COMPETANT SCRIPT and first rate ACTING, they'll pay an ASSLOAD OF MONEY to hear me raise and lower MY VOICE FOR NO APPARENT REASON!" In an impromptu poll held outside of a recent screening of the Disney opus, a filmgoer on the condition of anonimity stated he loved the film and that it was: "More gooder than the first one because it showed where the presidents keep all the treasure and stuff." Another observer stated that while he liked it, the Area 51 part bothered him a bit because "secret caverns under famous landmarks are believeable but it stretches the imagination when you start saying God made aliens. I mean come on, right?"

National Treasure 3, please?

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