Thursday, January 03, 2008

Japanese Horror, A One-Trick Pony? I Don't Think So!

You've all seen (Ju-on) The Grudge? The Ring and Dark Water? Have you noticed a trend folks? That's right , precognition of your own death and chalky-skinned, Japanese mutes are absolutely terrifying and Hollywood thinks you want more! This Friday with the premiere of One Missed Call, we revisit that tried and true far eastern addage of "Surprise! You're dead!"

The film stars one time A-list actor/director Edward Burns as a detective on the case of some mysterious deaths. What's so mysterious about these deaths, you ask? In a move that's sure to rattle the cages of the folks over at Jamster, when your cell phone rings in a ringtone that you don't remember downloading, if you answer it you hear your death then...wait for DIE! As I viewed the trailer last month, the originality of the plot left a chesire cat-like grin on my face and more than made up for the pedestrian American Gangster that I was about to sit through.

I say kudos to the studio execs that continually back projects such as this. It's a true statement on their opinion of the average movie goers intelligence. Next up is Calendar, a remake of another overseas terror-fest in which the owners of a mysterious Japanese calendar all have a date that magically circles itself. Once you see that date you ovulate (even the men!), then you DIE!

Academy are you listening?

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