Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nickelodeon says "Pregnant wha..?", Brings Back Zoey 101

"Oh my god, like baby juice makes my tummy big!"

In a move that's sure to get a thumbs up from fans of barely legal fornication (yes, YOU R. Kelly!), Nickelodeon says all systems are go on the fourth season of 'tween angst fest, Zoey 101 and it will start this Friday with the premiere of the telefilm "Goodbye Zoey". The show which is the most watched show by kids 9-14 is a ratings and merchandising behemoth. When asked about star Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy and how it would effect the show, a network rep said: "With season 4 already filmed, her "condition" will not interfere with the show. Besides my youngest needs braces and has scoliosis and my oldest daughter starts college next September. This Cheez Whiz suckin', trailer-park trampoline is gonna flip that bill." He then stated "Did I just think that or say that?"

In related news, McDonalds in a shrewd and unprecedented move will debut its Zoey meal to mark the series return. The Jamie Lynn Jam Pack will contain a hamburger, small fries, a soft drink and either the book: Rainbows, Myspace and Morning Sickness: A Guide To Teen Pregnancy or a RAPE WHISTLE to keep those 19 year olds out of your 15 year old daughter's My Little Pony Underoos.

I'm Lovin' It!

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