Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Douchebags Angered By Kanye West Comparison

(l) Helpful douche (r) Hurtul "douche"

Millions of Taylor Swift fans aren't the only ones offended by Mr. West's latest award show antics. It seems the feminine hygiene community is up in arms at the constant comparisons to the Louis Vitton Don. Vin Ager, an attorney claiming to speak on behalf of "millions of real douchebags everywhere" fired off a scathing letter to the press:

For years now the actions of Mr. Kanye West have been attributed to "douchebag behavior", "acting like or being a douche" or "douche-y". Let the record show that since the 1800's we have helped wash away things almost as foul as Mr. West himself and we ask at this time that he no longer be identified as being a "douchebag". He hasn't now or ever been one of us. If you want to identify him with anything we suggest:

  • Scumbag-because catching semen is a crap job

  • Asshole-with his mouth being reminiscient of one as it produces shit


  • Extremely lucky, arrogant vocoder using, obnoxious and questionably talented fucktard...unless there are also objections from the fucktard community.

If we have to be identified with untalented celebrities we would like to keep it limited to harmless "douches" like John Gosselin, Spencer Pratt or any male reality star on VH-1.

Thank you.

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