Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Roy Jones Junior Admits To Raising Fighting Chickens, Animal-Rights Activists DON'T CARE!

In a recent interview, boxing great Roy Jones, Jr. alarmed animal rights activists everywhere when he stated he lets the dogs on the farm that he raises CHICKENS FOR FIGHTING at "go at it a little." Concerned observers stated that "This is how dogs are trained for fighting." Jones said that sometimes he lets the dogs go "a half hour or so" then he breaks them up for fear of them really getting hurt. "Dogs don't need a half hour to fight." said another animal lover "This is how it is determined whether or not the dog has the stamina or make-up for fighting." Jones, an O.G. in the animal fighting game stated in a 2003 interview in Esquire magazine: "I give my roosters the best of food. I give them the best of care. I give them everything they want before I ask them to sacrifice. Get a rooster comfortable and he’ll fight his ass off."

News of Jones comments have been met with little or no fanfare. No chicken activists were available for comment but when an actual chicken was asked it said: "Sheezus man, the football guy gets almost two years for dog fighting and the media crucifies him. This guy raises my kind to be mutilated by the razors they attach to our legs and it gets all the attention of a missing black child." The chicken then twitched it's head several times and continued to eat bugs and it's own waste off the floor.

"A travesty...a true injustice!" said Chicken (l)

Let's be honest people, dogs are much cuter than chickens and by gosh, it's harder to fit two of those legs in that little box with a buttermilk biscuit.

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