Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dr. Phil Backs Off Of Spears Exploit-A-Thon, Family Says He Betrayed Them

Jamie and Lynne Spears put their "good parent" hats on for the "Today" show as they slammed Oprah stooge, Dr. Phil for what they call an act of betrayal and a breach of trust which is pretty much the same thing. The family alleges that after meeting with their wackjobalicious daughter, he irresponsibly released a statement on her condition and then tried to exploit her with his ill advised and dropped at the last minute, "intervention" show. Spears family rep, Lou Taylor also went on to say that while McGraw did bring up the subject of an intervention show, the family nixed the idea in belief that it would be detrimental to their daughter. "We have mortgages to pay, boats to buy and BS parenting books to hawk. There isn't enough left of my daughter to go around for him to exploit, she's exclusively ours to exploit." Lynne Spears passionately proclaimed. "You can find out my side of the story when the book "It's Not My Fault, My Daughters Are Easy" comes out in March for only $19.95!"

The douche that ate the canary.

With Oprah Winfrey stumping for Obama, Dr. Phil was unavailable for comment as there was no hand up his ass to make his lips move.

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