Friday, January 11, 2008

Anchor Lynched for saying "Lynch": Sharpton And The "Word Police" Strike Again!

The most intolerant advocate of tolerance ever to walk the earth is at it again! Al "Watch Your Mouth" Sharpton has rallied his troops in an effort to lay an "Imus" on Golf Channel personality Kelly Tilghman. During coverage of the Mercedes Benz Championship, Tilghman engaging in some broadcast booth banter with colleague Nick Faldo, said that if other golfers hoped to compete with Tiger Woods they should "gang up on him and lynch him in an alley" in order to have a sporting chance. The comments set off a firestorm forcing Sharpton to stop schmoozing for free schwag, donations and assisting felons and to get medievil on her ass. The network responded by suspending her for two weeks.

Al and "sis" Ann Coulter at the Satan Family Reunion/Barbecue Of Souls

In a statement released by the Ultra-Perm pitchman, he noted: "It's not about Tiger Woods. It's about the station. It's about using public airwaves to offend people," Also adding. "Some things are beyond the pale of discussion. Everyone knows that if you say something, everyone better like it and if they don't you better make a donation to my church!" He went on to say it showed a deep seeded racism in the sportscaster and an apology may not be enough, and that she should be fired. Sharpton also said that the Golf Channel can expect his National Action Network to picket their offices in Orlando, Florida and if there are cameras there to expect him as well. This comes despite a statement released from Woods' camp saying that her statements were not perceived to be racist in tone or intent.

Letter-Man: Putting the "w" in "white racists".

Seeing a need to control what comes out of people's mouths, the reverend has lauched an all out war on the English language. Even going so far as to target former Electric Company mascot, Letter-Man. Citing his ability to "put words together" as "sowing the seeds of racism." On the NAN's "You Can't Say That Anymore" agenda are the following offensive words or phrases:

  • fat
  • straight haired ho
  • curly but not quite nappy headed ho
  • ho ho ho
  • retard
  • the
  • it


  • disingenuous ambulance chasing publicity whore race baiter who never apologized for falsely accusing a man of rape and sodomy

Go get 'em, Al!

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