Monday, January 07, 2008

Now It's Amy's Turn To Take A Shot In The Face

As if the words Amy Fisher and class weren't already synonymous, the Long Island Ho-lita and her dirty old man husband were at ReTox bar in New York City last Thursday to celebrate the release of "Amy Fisher: Even Murderous Whores Can Be Celebrities". A sextape made by the couple just before they were allegedly "estranged" and angry hubby Lou Ballera "leaked" the tape. Red Light District Video, the distributers of such sterling cinema like 1 Night in Paris and 1 Night in China are handling the distribution of Joey Buttafuoco's latest spank material.

Red Light District Scrapped This Cover Art At The Last Minute

Son of Sam law be damned! The video shows Fisher doing what she does best...taking a pounding from a man almost old enough to be her father. In an ironic case of "pot, meet kettle", she also repeatedly refers to her private area as her uh..."c-word." She goes on to call Ballera her "daddy" and asks him several times if he wanted to stick it in her um..."c-word."

Sigmund Freud is hurling in his grave.

Answer to your question: Yes, I saw it for free almost two months ago. The boys at Red Light are slow on the upkeep. However, people buy water and you can get that for free too.

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