Friday, January 11, 2008

B.A. Baracus - Mr. T + Ice Cube = WTF?

Reports out of Hollywood are saying that Ice Cube has snagged the role of B.A. Baracus in John Singleton's big screen adaption of the popular 80's series, The A-Team. The man who brought you F--- tha Police and then starred in the kiddie camp fest Are We There Yet? will only say: "I can't say that I'm gonna be [B.A. yet] because it's still up to Fox, the people who have the movie," he said recently while in New York promoting his new film." "But John Singleton hit me — I believe he's gonna direct. If he directs it, I have a great chance of doing B.A. And yeah, I'd cut it. I'd get it[his signature afro] into a Mohawk!"

The show was about AWOL Vietnam Vets working as soldiers of fortune on the run from the government and starred George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz and Mr. T as the burly and imposing Baracus. It will be interesting to see what the star of XXX: This Sucks More Than The First One will bring to the role as the diminutive and doughy rapper is a far cry from the "pee in your pants scary" and chiseled original. Hollywood seems to be subscribing to the stereotype of as long as a black guy doesn't smile, he's SCARY!

What a Mr. T visit to the set of the new A-Team movie may look like.

What Hollywood seems to not remember is that while the A-Team is a fondly remembered show, it was bad. This movie could either be Bewitched or...are there any good TV to movie translations? I have some burning questions though: Will Cube punch a guy and they fly ten feet? Will the team unload enough rounds to take down a football field full of elephants and still not hit anyone? And most importantly, will somebody's car flip 5 times and then they'll walk away woozily before it explodes like it was packed with 25 pounds of TNT?

If you're listening Hollywood: Small Wonder: The Movie starring Dakota Fanning but make her murder the entire family. Pass the popcorn!

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