Friday, January 11, 2008

Anti-Smoking Pitchman is No Quitter...He Still Lights Up!

You would think two heart attacks before the age of 30 followed by a subsequent stroke and an amputation would deter someone from poisoning themselves. Well not Skip Legault! The NY State Department of Heaths' latest anti-tobacco boogie man, still smokes 'em while he's got 'em to the tune of a half a pack a day! All this while being on medication for smoking related blood clots. The long-time tobacco addict tells the New York Daily News that the state department was aware that he still smoked but conveniently left it out of his commercial.

The ad features the amputee lamenting about how he started smoking at 8 and he hasn't been able to shake the habit for 40 years. It then goes on to warn viewers to not let smoking ruin their lives like it did his. When reached for comment outside of their offices about this painfully large omission, a DOH representative pointed off in the distance and said: "What's that over there?" as we turned around to look he ran like an Olympic sprinter.

Tobacco lobbyist let out a collective: "Heh-heh...yeah..." upon hearing about this report.

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