Thursday, January 10, 2008

It Took 2 Drinks To Get In, It'll Take 9 Months To Get Out: Pamela Anderson Pregnant, Boots The Baby Daddy

A boob joke? Too easy.
Pamela Anderson baffled scientists again with the anouncement that she's pregnant. As blackholes yield nothing, this is truly an unexplained phenomena. "We were always lead to believe that it[her um...thingie] possessed corrosive attributes not unlike the queen in the Alien movies." said a Nobel Prize winning chemist. "We were stunned to learn that it [her...ya know?] was still capable of giving life."

Anderson also decided to boot protein supplier to the stars, Rick Salomon. Originally filing last month, Anderson may have wanted to make sure all that baby juice reached its destination before giving Rick the heave ho. Lynne Spears, lock 'em up baby! If Bin Laden were skank trim, Salomon would've found him seven years ago!

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