Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winehouse Moves Up In Jebus Dead Pool

They tried to make her got to rehab she said: "Pass that sh*t!" Like a presidential candidate with backing from Oprah, Chuck Norris and Tom Brady, UK coke receptacle Amy Winehouse jumped to the top of the HMJ Dead Pool with her latest drug fueled episode.

Winehouse was caught on video trying to make the world forget Robert Downey Jr. as she took pulls on a rock-filled, glass pipe in front of friends at a party in her UK flat. Beacon of journalistic virtue,
The Sun also claimed she snorted powdered ecstacy and cocaine during her 19 minute tribute to Bobby Brown. To make sure she had all her bases covered, the "Rehab" singer then told her guests she'd be unable to go out with them because she had swallowed six valium as well.

Jebus odds makers put her at 4-1 to not make it to the end of the year. "Britney is crazy. Lohan is more likely to get something nasty in her undercarriage than bite it...unless she's driving. This Winehouse chick though is "crack crazy"! said the bookie "She's becoming the New England Patriots of self-destruction. She's Artie Lange with breasts!" Well, smaller ones...

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