Friday, January 25, 2008

NY Gov. Spitzer Says: "Crack Is Taxed!"

Hold on Pookie ! Next time you look for Ray-Ray n 'em for your fix you better have exact change!
In a move that's sure to have the offices of H&R Block overrun with clients with names like "Silk Daddy" and "Willie Smoove", New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer has proposed a tax stamp on illegal drugs which would cost $3.50 per gram for marijuana and $200 per gram for a controlled substance.

"Twenty-nine states across the nation have enacted laws enabling them to collect taxes on illegal drugs," said spokesman Errol Cockfield. Opponents of the bill though say the plan sends a messag ethat using drugs is OK as long as you pay your taxes. Some are even outraged at the notion of a tax. "What's next, taxing prostitution?" asked Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco (R-Schenectady) adding " I can't wait to see what kind of stamp they'll put on these girls in New York City and around the state. My accountant is gonna be one is recording this, right?"

Weed tax? No waaaaay!

HMJ took to the streets and asked drug dealers what their opinion of Spitzer's plan was. "This dude is out his gat damned mind!" proclaimed Beumont "Cat Daddy" Wilkens. "OK, let's say I start charging tax. Where the hell is a crackhead gonna get what amounts to New York State tax? He's a crackhead and he probably stole that five dollars! And where the hell are my girls supposed to put the damn receipts? Aw, hell naw!"

"Cat Daddy" Wilkens procurer of runaways and prompt tax payer.

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