Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ultimate Douchebag Praises Ledger's Death

Ultra Right-Wing mouth breather, Warrior f.k.a. Ultimate Warrior (Jim Hellwig is his real name but he had to legally change it so equally douche-y Vince McMahon couldn't profit off of him.) reminded the world just how dangerous a mix of too much time, steroids and a desire to be remembered can be. In a rambling manifesto posted on his blog, he mockingly referred to the recently deceased actor as "Leather Ledger" and when he wasn't making fifth grade level homophobic taunts, he gushed about how he was glad Ledger had killed himself. All this from a man who used to wear a tiny speedo, oil himself up and roll around on a mat with other oiled up men. And by the way, did I mention he did this while injecting his body with drugs that will eventually kill him but not before shriveling his testicles to the size of plain M&M's?

The juiced up hunk of has-been had a bright wrestling career that petered out in the mid-90's due to an inflated ego offset by a shrunken brain. His signature move was...well a clothesline because he was a terrible wrestler. He has since resigned to a life of suing people that say Warrior or use the leter W or look at a picture of him and laugh at what a joke he has become. At least he isn't gay.

Nope...not gay at all.

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Dart Adams said...

To make things just a lil' worse for the Ultimate Warrior, I remember when he wrestled in the Texas area and he was known as the (wait for it) Dingo Warrior. He ultimately moved on to the WWF because the Von Erich family (namely Kerry Von Erich) took away any shine he may have had and he couldn't win any titles. He WAS a horrible wrestler and he never had any special moves of any type.

'Roided out freak.