Friday, January 18, 2008

NooseWeek: Golfweek Magazine Says: "So...This Hanging Thing Really Happened, Huh?"

Note to automotive companies: If there's a crash test dummy opening, look out for that Dave Seanor resume! Seanor was removed as vice preident and editor of Golfweek magazine after approving a cover with a noose on it in relation to the Tiger Woods/Kelly Tilghman debacle. Turnstile Publishing, the parent company of the magazine moved swiftly in relieveing the one-time VP of all his duties. President William J. Kupper stated: "We were trying to convey the controversial issues with a strong and provocative graphic image. It is now obvious that the overall reaction to our cover deeply offended many people. For that, we are deeply apologetic." he also noted "We've decided to put our "Burning Cross" Black History Month Issue on hold until we can get a feel for the public's reaction."

As it was reported last week Tilghman a Golf Network anchor, was suspended for two weeks after her "lynch him in an alley" comment set off a firestorm of controversy culminating in disciplinary action against her at the behest of "Permed Prince of Political Correctness" Al Sharpton . This latest episode casts a shadow over the magazine which is dedicated to a sport that's been around for 552 years and has acknowledged the abilities of black people and even women for at least 15. "This is unacceptable and while I'm happy he was disciplined, I'm disappointed in the loss of face time for me." said the civil-rights activist. Sharpton then went on to say "I just hope I get a "fired whitey" credit for this. That was mine man, how did I miss that?"

That check's made out to "Cash", right?

Sharpton said his National Action Network will have meetings with Turnstile Publishing over the next few weeks but he hopes it doesn't interfere with him stopping black people from eating at White Castle which is his latest cause. "I go there all the time and white people don't even work there." he railed. "Free burgers would be a band-aid on a gunshot wound but it's a start."

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