Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Man Who Used Stun Gun To "Toughen Up" Toddler Gets 46 Months

Rian Wittman: A douche of biblical proportions.

Taking a page out of the Chris Benoit Book of Parenting 23 year old Rian James Wittman in an attempt to "toughen up" his 18 month-old son, tased the boy on several occassions with a Dragon-Fire Stun Gun. Sources say the Albany, Oregon resident wanted the boy to be "the toughest cage fighter ever" and figured the walking, talking and going to the bathroom on his own would come later. Originally when questioned by the boy's 21 year-old mother, the man claimed he was playing peek-a-boo with the child. He then said he did it because he was arguing with the mother.

Prosecutor Reed Dinsmore said "I spoke to a Department of Human Services careworker who was present, and she said the look in the child's eyes will not easily be forgotten."

Wittman's child rearing kit.

Here's to hoping that Rian Wittman's stay in prison is reminiscent of the worst episode of Oz multiplied by ten with inmates who are endowed like elephants.

Help me, Jebus!

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you advocating anal rape of any person? Convicted Criminals serve time according to a system of law and justice. It may not be the best but its better than some places. Things like anal rape combined with the humiliation are likely what causes people to end up like Rian to begin with. Why continue the cycle?