Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oklahoma State Rep Sally Kern: "Gays Just As Dangerous As Terrorists!"

"Lesbian? No, why does everybody keep asking me that?"

Her resemblance to stereotypical lesbian, high school gym teachers be damned Sally Kern says "Gays are bad!" and that lifestyle is destroying America. The Oklahoma State representative quoting an anonymous "study" said that "No society that has completely embraced homosexuality, has lasted more know...a few decades." Pointing out what she believes to be a trend of "indoctrination", the representative claims "the gays" are going on a recruting drive that would make the U.S. Army blush. Also pointing out that the mighty bastion of American politics, the Eureeka Springs city council has been infiltrated and is now controlled by "the gays".

Kern expressed concern that groups of homosexuals will eventually lock arms with each other and hurl themselves toward sky scrapers, causing more devastation than a fiendish Al Qaeda plot ever did. She then went on to say that gays:

  • have shorter life expectancies

  • have a higher rate of suicide

  • tend to dress better

  • get all the good talk shows on TV

Kern's live in "friend" Chris

Her comments have set off a firestorm of controversey but her "friend" Chris says that Kern "Only wants what's best for America" and that if people took the time to listen, she had said "alot of stuff about blacks and muslims because they're gross too and could you imagine if they were all gay 'n stuff? Jesus."


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