Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ol' Dirty Spitzer Says: Ooh Baby, I Like It Raw

Left to right: Plain Ol' Dirty & Ol' Dirty

Word out of Albany NY is not only did Eliot Spitzer run up an $80,000 tab on "ho business", but he was also down with the ODB and shunned the use of prophylactics. Yes, the Love Gov likes to raw dog it like he's making movies with Jenna Jameson.

Kristen: "Hey, does the clap come with that shake?"

The most famous singularly named whore since Madonna, Empire Club rent-a-cooch Kristen stated that Spitzer would often ask her to "do things that you might not think were safe." (like being a WHORE?) This was implied to mean that the governor often chose to dive in without a wetsuit. Ever the negotiator and wary of her own personal health, the high priced trampoline said she handled it by saying "I'd be like, listen dude do you really want the sex?" THEN CHARGED HIM EXTRA.

When news of these allegations was brought to the attention of Senator Ted Kennedy he responded "Wow, he should have called me...or Gary Condit."

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