Monday, February 04, 2008

#1 And Double The Fun, Hannah Montana Tops B.O. By Doubling Ticket Price

Number one with an asterisk* Disney and Miley/Sybil/Hannah Montana/Billie Jean/ Jo Cyrus will have to settle for that after a surprising but somewhat tainted victory. In what was the best Super Bowl Weekend opening ever, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert took in a surpising $31.1M to overtake last weeks champ Meet the Spartans which dropped to third place. Disney however, assured its victory by eliminating all children's discounts on the limited run movie and doubling the ticket price in all theaters. "We are pleasantly surprised by the strong showing of this concert film," said a Disney rep. He also added "It's a great family film and any kid whose parents don't take them to see it, look at your parents and realize that they've never loved you and your life is an empty lie."

"I'm bankrupting your parents financially and morally, shhh!"

Winnie Carter of Culver City, California was one of a lucky few who won a local radio station's Montana-themed contests for tickets. "They only wanted one child and I got here first," the mother shrugged. "They are sending my youngest boy off to Sri-Lanka to work at a "men's resort" of some kind or whatever they said, but he's happy. He knows his sister wanted those tickets real bad. We love you, Billy."

The movie which was initially scheduled for a seven day run was such a wallet-raping success, that the house that Song of the South built has decided to extend the run. "Some theaters may get one week others may get two." said the flack. He then added "We're gonna get that money. Even if we have to get Miley to ring your doorbell so you answer it then when you do we beat you like Joe Pesci in Casino, we're gonna get it!"

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