Tuesday, October 28, 2008


“In these tough economic times, Americans should be more cautious with their money and shy away from frivolous spending.” This is advice that super-douche, Jet fan David Findel took a steaming dump on as he secured the rights to $400,000 seats on the 50 yard line at the new Meadowlands Stadium opening in 2010.

Findel raised the stakes when the auction got as high as 140K for the two seats. The 43 year old owner of a Mortgage Lending firm…(no really, that’s what he does. call it irony or whatever…), put in the winning bid of $200K per seat in a silent auction. He chose to not be silent upon winning as he called the others in the room “Poor bastards!” and said he would “wipe his ass with all the default notices from the firm…BAILOUT BITCHES!”

"Who me? I'm broke."

When told of Findel’s windfall well known pop culture moneybags and philanthropist Monopoly Guy , stated “He did wha…does this guy watch the news? Are you f-cking kidding me?”

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