Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Americans Outraged As Marine Kills Puppy, Still On The Fence About Other Human Beings

A Youtube video surfaced recently depicting an American soldier allegedly hurling a dog off a cliff to his death sending shockwaves throughout the country. Animal lovers and activists and lovers were outraged by his actions and to show their displeasure, they found the soldiers name and proceeded to post his home address here. Unrepentant human oil-spill in training, Jeffrey Munro freely posted sensitive information (name and home address) of someone who may or may not have been in the video leaving the persons' family open to numerous death threats and possibly worse repurcussions down the road. "This is not a breathing, rational thinking human being with a family or anything trivial like that this man has killed," said one pooch proponent. "It was a dog! It catches frisbees and eats dinner scraps for Christs' sake. I hope his children are born with their organs on the outside." When asked how he felt about the thousands of dead American and Iraqi soldiers the man shrugged and asked what the ratio of dead Americans to Iraqi was because "God doesn't really care about the brownies."

Unfortunately, the soldier wasn't smart enough to engage in cock fighting because not only are chickens ugly, but damnit they taste good too.

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